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About the Guild
About the Guild
Relics of Orr is a medium-sized NA guild, based on the Northern Shiverpeaks server. The Guild Wars 2 chapter of the guild has been around since launch, following on from our Guild Wars guild of the same name, founded in 2007.

As a guild we primarily PvE, but we have members with a diverse range of skill levels and interests. Many of our members sPvP individually or with small groups, and occasionally we will sPvP with full guild groups. We have members interested in WvW, but rarely participate as a guild group due to the fact that our members are spread across many different servers.

We will never have rep requirements, and do not currently kick for inactivity. Should we ever decide to change this policy, members kicked for inactivity would be welcome to rejoin the guild at any time.

We have a mid-sized Mumble server available to guild members and friends.

Our Members
We are generally a 16+ guild, with the majority of our members ranging in their mid-twenties to mid-30’s, and many of our guild members are couples. We do allow children into the guild with special restrictions on a case-by-case basis if they play with family members in the guild, but please contact a guild leader if you intend to play with your child or allow them to play on your account.

Our members are largely based in the United States, but we have members from all over the world, and a vast range of time-zones. Our strongest presence is in NA prime time, but we also have a sizeable group of people playing regularly in Oceanic times, and then a smattering of other people at random times throughout the day.

Many of our members have been friends for years, and we play games outside Guild Wars 2 together as well. Our guild culture is very laid-back, and we are very friendly to new players. You will never be told that you have to run a specific build or anything like that, we value having fun above all else.

At this time, we are openly recruiting. If you think Relics might be a good fit for you, leave us a message or get in touch with a guild officer in game. We hold weekly guild missions on Saturday evenings that are open to the public, which is a good way to meet our leaders and many of our members right away, if you have any questions about the guild.

We recommend you start by checking out The Guild Hall section of the forums, which contains useful information about our guild rules and upcoming events. It's a great starting point whether you've just joined us, or you want to get a better idea about us before joining.

For Questions or Guild Invites
Make sure to include your character name when you message us so we can get an invite out ASAP.
In-game: Spiritface.5089, csquirrelrun.3108, Shongaqu.5279, Vrabin.2895
DM on forums: Spirit.