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October Guild Update and Halloween Festivities

Spiritface / Sep 27, 2016 / Guild
Hello everyone! It’s a bit early for Halloween festivities but October’s going to be an extra busy month for me so I’m trying to get ahead of everything.

A Brief State of the Guild:
Roster cleanup and the latest round of promotions has been performed as of 9/28. Promotions and permissions are based largely on your general level of activity within the guild, and you can find more details about our ranking system here.

There’s a pretty high proportion (just less than ⅓ after the latest cleanup) of guild members who have been offline for 11+ months in the guild, and I think we should do something about that. I’ll be looking into some options surrounding this over the next couple months, and if you have thoughts on this I’d like to hear them.

There's also a new poll up on the guild forums asking how you feel about moving guild halls. This will be active for one month and then we will see about changing over our hall. Remember that we preserve all existing upgrades.

New Recurring Event:
Fright Club (Team Friday Raids) is working on enacting training raids as a weekly feature every Friday for about 45 minutes. This is a great opportunity to get your first raid kill with an experienced team to unlock your mastery track, or try a new raid role! Further details can be found here if you’d like to participate.

October Event Schedule and Halloween Festivities:
10/1 - Ember Bay: Chalice of Tears Jumping Puzzle
10/8 - Guild Missions
10/15 - TBD: Public PvE Event?
10/22 - Guild Missions
10/29 - Guild Wars 1 UNDERWORLD RUN
More details on our Halloween Festivities will be coming soon.

For the most up to date details on each event check the events calendar!


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