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July Guild Update ft. Hunter and the Revenants

Spiritface / Jul 26, 2016 / Guild
It’s that time again folks! Super hip music groups Hunter and the Revenants and Spirit and the Dragonhunters are here to drop the hottest mixtapes guild update of July 2016.

The Roster
We’re up to 357 members! While we’ve grown a bit from the last update in April, our growth has stagnated, both in growth and activity. I’m not too worried about it at this point, between it being summer and lack of game updates, interest is down at the moment and I don’t feel that it’s an issue. I’m also not worried about growing the guild too much larger because I think it’s of a good size where there’s enough activity but not an overwhelming amount of people where people get lost in the crowd. More are of course welcome, but it’s not a priority at this point.

New Upgrades Available, Donations Needed!
With the patch on Tuesday a number of new upgrades have been added to the guild hall, including a Guild Anthem and new guild decorations that allow you to add text to them. To help us unlock these, check the Guild Treasurer at the main waypoint of the guild hall.

Decorating Powers Returning to ROboats and Above
With the July 26th patch, decorating powers will be returned to everyone. I strongly feel it’s a lot more fun when everyone can participate in the decorating of the guild hall, and I’m really glad ArenaNet has doubled the cap so we can do things like that.

However, to prevent hitting the decoration cap (2000 total decorations in the whole hall), I ask that in addition to the standard rules (don’t remove other people’s decorations without a good reason/letting them know, try not to use expensive decorations someone else crafted for themselves, don’t put excessive crap on the waypoints, etc.), please do not add any more large jumping puzzles to the hall at this time. These take up a lot of decorations, and we already have two fabulous ones to check out, leading to many many cool locations around the guild hall if you’d like to explore. Feel free to pile up decorations to explore as well, just be sure to clean up after yourself when you’re done to prevent us from losing decorations that we’ll never find again.

Lastly, if you’re using a number of small candles for your personal areas in the guild hall, I’ll happily replace the small candles to a set of candles that comes as a single item for free, just let me know to make one for you. This helps reduce the total number of decorations in the hall as well as allowing you to place more items near you without hitting the local cap. If you’d like other items scribed for you, Festy, Spirit, Hunter, Solstice, and Shongaqu all have maxed out scribing and will gladly scribe items by request if you provide the materials.

Raid Updates
Triv. Co. has FINALLY killed Slothasor properly after a few months working on him. We’re very proud of the kill, which you can watch in all it’s glory right here! We’re now working weekly on Matthias. Triv. Co has also gotten not one, but two Eternal Sabetha kills in the last 3 weeks. Keep up the good work team!

As Wing 3 released this quarter, Fright Club took the trophy for first guild clear of Siege the Keep, and holds the current guild best attempt on Keep Construct. Fright Club (Friday 6PM pacific) is looking for raid regulars for dedicated progression, some raiding experience is highly preferred. If you’re interested, let Spirit know, it would be good to talk to you before committing to anything.

Statues for both Siege the Keep and Slothasor have now appeared in the trophy hall directly north of the main waypoint in the guild hall.

Things to check out!
  • Fend has made some beautiful real world artwork that is purchaseable for in-game gold, if you’d like to make a donation to help him gear up!
  • Use your decorating powers to help Edus decorate his Jumping Puzzle! There are plenty of fountains left to be claimed! Show off your unique style and help us make the guild hall look beautiful.
  • 7/30 at 12pm Pacific [Oops] Guild Prom - Our friends in Bringers of Aggro [Oops] have invited us along to their 4th annual guild prom. Music, prizes, fashion, dancing, Kormir, and friends! Check this thread for more details.
  • 8/6 - Guild Missions - Help pay for guild upgrades and buffs while earning yourself some loot! Puzzles, fights, and bad puns to be found here.
  • 8/13 - The ROboat Fleet Goes Deep -Spirit’s organising a Guild Wars Deep Attempt! We’ll start with normal mode and if it works well, we’ll go all the way to HARD MODE!!! There are 12 total spots, so make sure to sign up in advance if you’d like to go! We can be somewhat flexible on classes, but you need a level 20 character with Factions in Guild Wars bare minimum. Details to come, there is no thread or sign up yet.


Oh man, I'm going to have to try to find that old Mac version of the GW1 client. Deeps sounds awesome!
Were you using WINE back then? That's how I got it working.

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