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April Quarterly Patch and Guild Update!

Spiritface / Apr 21, 2016 / Guild
Hey folks! It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these. I’ve sort of decided that with Anet moving to big quarterly patches that it would also work out well for me to do big guild cleanups/news around that time as well. So! Here’s a summary of what’s been going on and what’s coming up in [RO]!

Guild Roster
We’ve been growing steadily! RO adds another player or two per week, and we’ve grown approximately 70 members since the launch of Heart of Thorns to have a total roster size of 342 as of this writing!

Of 342 people:
4 are officers
50 are senior members or Elder ROboats
125 are normal members, or ROboats
78 are new recruits or Dinghies
And 85 are Adrift, or inactive for close to or longer than a year.

Because our guild ranks are based largely upon activity within the guild, this is also a fairly accurate spread of participation in the guild. Overall, I think it’s pretty healthy. I’m a little bit annoyed by the number of inactive people in the roster, but since we have a policy not to kick people who go AFK for extended periods, I don’t see that changing soon. It’s been useful in the past when longtime AFKers return and are happy to have a place to come back to.

These numbers also include the roster clean up I’ve done today, so congrats on the promotions if you got one! This post has a guide to our guild ranks if you're curious about how promotion works.

Guild Hall Upgrades
We’re level 59 out of 63ish total levels! We have all the guild upgrades except a few WvW upgrades, a few Arena upgrades, and a couple mining upgrades. We’re continuing to work towards the WvW and Arena upgrades, but I don’t plan on seriously pursuing the mining ones since they are prohibitively expensive and relatively useless. In the last week, we’ve also received two huge donations to the guild that made it possible to fill out a large part of our remaining material needs.

Currently the most needed items are various tiers of paper, which is made of wood and cloth and mithril, thick leather, and elder wood. If you make a bunch of paper to level up your scribe after the rework, please consider donating it to the treasury!

Scribing Rework and Decorator Permissions
Decorator permissions have been temporarily restricted for a combination of reasons. We expect a big influx of guild decorations with the scribing updates and we are nearing the cap of total decorations in our guild hall! While I would love to allow everyone to keep decorating and making cool things the way we have been, I feel that it’s best to restrict this for the time being, while we see how things pan out with the scribe rework and tidy up various decorations that don’t have much of a purpose being oot and aboot..

I don’t want anyone to feel compelled to delete their houses or various areas you’ve decorated, but if you know of places where there are decorations that don’t need to be there, please let an officer know to help us clean up the guild hall and make way for other decorations. It is possible we will do a guild-wide decoration removal to start from scratch, but I’d like to keep that as a last resort. If it does have to happen I will notify everyone well in advance.

Hopefully decorator permissions will return as soon as possible. I’m really not happy about having to limit it, but I don’t think there’s a better way to handle it at the moment.

Guild Events and Guild Missions
Every Saturday, one hour before reset (currently 4PM Pacific/7PM Eastern) we have a guild event. Every other week, the guild event is doing guild missions as a big group. In the weeks in between guild missions, we do things like zerging around HoT maps, running to Orr on low level characters, playing mini games in the guild hall, or doing whatever other fun things we can think of!

Guild events for the next month are planned at the end of the month, and we happy to take suggestions for things you would like to tackle with the whole guild. May’s guild events have not yet been planned though they will be shortly.

No Major Guild Changes Coming Soon™
I don’t really see anything changing drastically for us between now and the next quarterly patch. I’m stretched pretty thin on guild events and raids, and while I’m happy to keep doing those, I also can’t see starting up any more dedicated guild events.

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Nice to hear! Been running pretty thin myself, hence only showing up once every other week or so. Can't wait to log in tonight for Asuraball!

As far as guild events, I'm still happy to help/run PvP stuff, especially when the next ranked season starts up. Could even start now, to start getting people used to PvP in general

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