About the Guild

Relics of Orr is a medium-sized NA guild, based on the Northern Shiverpeaks server. The Guild Wars 2 chapter of the guild has been around since launch, following on from our Guild Wars guild of the same name, founded in 2007.

As a guild we primarily PvE, but we have members with a diverse range of skill levels and interests. Many of our members sPvP or WvW individually or in small groups, but we don’t have a real WvW presence due to the fact that many of our members are cross-server.

We will never have rep requirements, and do not currently kick for inactivity. Should we ever decide to change this policy, members kicked for inactivity would be welcome to rejoin the guild at any time.

We use a Discord channel for our VOIP and discussion purposes.

Our Members
We are generally a 16+ guild, with the majority of our members ranging in their mid-twenties to mid-30’s, and many of our guild members are couples.  We do allow children who play with their parents into the guild on a case-by-case basis, but please inform a guild officer if this is something you intend to do.

Our members are largely based in the United States, but we have members from all over the world, and a vast range of time-zones. Our strongest presence is in NA prime time, but we also have a sizeable group of people playing regularly in Late-night/Oceanic times, and then a smattering of other people throughout the day.

Many of our members have been friends for years, and we play games outside Guild Wars 2 together as well. Our guild culture is very laid-back, and we are very friendly to new players. You will never be told that you have to run a specific build or anything like that, we value having fun above all else.

At this time, we are openly recruiting. If you think Relics might be a good fit for you, leave us a message or get in touch with a guild officer in game.

Our Leadership


Orrmaster - Spiritface.5089
  • Can carry a whole raid squad under one arm and type in guild chat with the other
  • Cries over balance patches
  • AFK in the Guild Hall


ROboat Captain - csquirrelrun.3108
  • Relates on a spiritual level to Bootts Bad Builds
  • Beautiful Kiwi accent


ROboat Captain - Vrabin.2875
  • WvW champ
  • Meh about the meta
  • God-tier listener tbh


ROboat Captain - Shongaqu.5279
  • Voted #13 Saltiest Necro 5 times
  • Can make anything into a musical
  • like SUPER friendly

Please feel free to contact us about any questions or concerns you have about the guild. We rely on your help to keep the ROboat fleet ship-shape!

Guild Goals and Rules

Guild Goals
Ultimately, we want to be a mature and relaxed community to play games and make friends.  We want to be a place where you want to come and hang out when you have the time to play a game, and we won’t tell you what to do or how to do it.  We ask that our members contribute to the community where possible, because that makes it a better place to be, but the extent of your participation is entirely up to you.

Eligibility to Join the Guild
We are a generally 16+ guild, but we do allow exceptions on a case-by-case basis. If you want to invite your child to the guild or allow a child to play on your account, please contact a guild officer first.

Expected Conduct
All of the following rules apply at all times, including outside guild channels.

  1. Be respectful. The guild (and wider community) features a diverse range of people with a wide range of skill levels and playstyles, and you are expected to treat them all with respect.
  2. We do not tolerate personal attacks or harassment of any type.
  3. We do not allow cheats or exploits.  If it can get you banned from the game, it can get you kicked from the guild.
  4. Members must behave in a mature, professional manner.
  5. No spamming chat or begging for items.
  6. Explicit content is not permitted in public channels.
    • Cursing and innuendos are permitted, but we expect you to use your best judgement, especially since many of us play where there are kids around to hear. This isn’t something we’d kick for immediately, you would just be asked to tone it down or take it to another channel. We’re generally PG-13ish.

Because we thankfully don’t often need to discipline our members, incidents are handled on a case by case basis, but disciplinary actions are never made by one officer alone. If immediate action is required, a guild officer will handle it, and then consult with other officers in order to decide on further actions. Our discipline process is, along with everything else, subject to change as needed in order to best serve the guild.

How Best To Report an Issue
For questions and concerns where an in-game whisper or mail is enough, feel free to contact any of the guild officers listed above with your questions.

For severe or private issues, you can email relicsoforr@gmail.com. Please be sure to include your in-game name, and all relevant the details of the incident. If you have screenshots or other information that would need to be attached, please mention that in your email.

Especially in cases where we need to mediate between two guild members or in cases where a guild member is causing trouble outside guild channels where the guild officers cannot see, screenshots of the misconduct are very useful to us. This link teaches you how to take screenshots in-game if you don’t know how. We will never share your screenshots with anyone but the current officers for arbitration purposes.

Rank Structure

Our general member system is largely based on community contribution.  The roster is usually checked over around major patches such as Living Story releases to keep it up-to-date.

Member Ranks: 

Dinghy – Welcome to the guild! This is where our newbies land. Sadly, our Baby ROboats don’t have access to the bank.  If you’re looking to move up from here, introduce yourself on our Discord and let us know you need a promotion!  Dinghies who opt not to do this will get likely get promoted once they start getting involved in the community.

[RO]boats – This is our default membership rank. Gains access to the guild bank.

  • Access the guild bank.
  • Decorate the guild hall and arena.
  • Claim WvW objective on our behalf.
  • Can activate guild missions at any time.

Elder [RO]boats – Elder Roboats are our long time members who consistently participate in the [RO] community. There isn’t exactly a straightforward way to becoming an Elder ROboat, it just comes from long-term community involvement. If you feel you’ve earned this and really want to be promoted – just let an officer know. It’s a good sign you’d be a great candidate for the rank if you express interest.

Elder [RO]boats can:

  • Access the guild bank.
  • Decorate the guild hall and arena.
  • Claim WvW objective on our behalf.
  • Activate guild missions at any time.
  • Invite others to guild.
  • Queue and activate upgrades.
  • Use the guild resources for Scribing.

Adrift – While we do not currently kick for inactivity, we do set our long time inactives Adrift as a precaution to protect the fleet resources from plunderers. Should you return to the game to find yourself Adrift and you wish to rejoin the fleet, simply let an Elder Roboat or higher know, and your former rank will be restored.

If you want permissions that your default rank doesn’t allow, simply talk to your friendly officers! We’re usually happy to accommodate you somehow.