About the Guild

Relics of Orr is a medium-sized NA guild, based on the Northern Shiverpeaks server. The Guild Wars 2 chapter of the guild has been around since launch, following on from our Guild Wars guild of the same name, founded in 2007.

As a guild we primarily PvE, but we’re very proud to be a home to guild members with a diverse range of skill levels and interests. Many of our members sPvP individually or with small groups. We also have members that play WvW heavily, though we rarely participate as a guild group due to the fact that our members are spread across many different servers.

We have a high level guild hall boasting all guild boosters, all daily gathering nodes, and decorating privileges for all our members.

For our out-of-game communication needs we have an active Discord channel for discussions about Guild Wars 2, as well as other games we play together from time to time.